About Us

Sharp Automotive is a family-owned and operated Toyota and Chevrolet dealership in Northeastern South Dakota for over 40-years.  We're proud to announce we've recently added the GMC Franchise in August of 2018!  Our philosophy has been quite simple: We're a "people" company that just happens to sell and service cars. And we work hard every day to maintain the tradition of quality service which literally thousands of faithful customers have come to expect. That may seem old-fashioned, if not unusual, in this day and age but it works.

Driving is more than just going from A to B. Driving should be an exhilarating experience. Driving should create memories. It's this combination of beliefs that continues to make Sharp Automotive so unique. The dedication and determination that we bring to helping each customer find the perfect vehicle and keep it in impeccable condition is unrivaled. Our entire team is absolutely committed to improving the job we do best -- ultimately making people happy.